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SAFETY – Safety before Schedule always. We have an overriding proactive commitment to health and safety so that we all return home to our families each day.


ENVIRONMENT – We are mindful that we coexist with local landowners and communities and it is our aspiration to see them benefit from our presence.


QUALITY – Delivering a quality product on time that exceeds our customers’ expectations every time.


PEOPLE – We are passionate people and our success is through our commitment to building strong relationships, respecting the dignity of the individual, developing trust and ensuring effective communication.


EFFICENCY – To be effective at the local as well as global level, we will conduct our business in an environment of Continuous Improvement at all steps of the process to ensure sustained economic viability.


Sojitz is actively involved in building a sustainable future for the community in which it operates. We recognise the importance of working with our local communities and government to ensure our operations are developed in a responsible and sustainable way. Sojitz works with the Garingbal and Kara-Kara people to identify local artifacts and areas of cultural significance. We are committed to supporting communities in areas we operate by sponsoring projects that contribute to local community growth.

• Youth sporting teams

• Emerald Health and Community program that enables the elderly to maintain a stay at home quality of life

• Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service


Sojitz is alert to the dangers of mining and respects the power of heavy equipment, rockfall, explosives and the other hazards we work with. Our first priority is that every one of us and our workmates return home safely every day.

This means that we need to establish and continuously improve our risk management systems and encourage compliance with them right across the workforce. It means constantly looking for safer ways of doing things, identifying hazards and taking the responsibility to fix them. It means looking after ourselves and each other by being alert and aware.

The responsibility for safety is shared by you, Sojitz’s management and every person who walks onto our site. This policy explains our accountabilities, responsibilities and commitment to working safely.

Safety Policies

Management is committed to their goal of sustaining ZERO HARM and an injury free workplace through the elimination of workplace injury and illness. As part of that commitment Sojitz Minerva shall develop and maintain a documented safety and health management system.

To achieve this, we shall:

  • Show commitment to the safety and health of ourselves, and those around us;

  • Be aware of the risks and Identify hazards with the associated risks in our jobs, and manage them effectively;

  • Ensure incidents are investigated and that all recommendations are followed through to ensure continued improvement.

  • Work to the safety and health standards we establish on site;

  • Meet all applicable legal requirements. Comply with legislation and relevant codes of practice / Australian Standards;

  • Provide adequate resources and training to workers to fulfil our goals;

  • Ensure consultation and communication with employees throughout the risk management process;

  • Ensure accountability to all persons in responsible positions;

  • Monitor and review our Safety and Health Policy and Management Plan with the aim of continually improving job safety and risk awareness;

  • Participate in the completion of SAO’s, Pit Observations and Personal SLAM’s; and

  • Build a culture of risk awareness and proactive hazard reduction.


Environmental management is a core aspect of Sojitz Coal Mining’s values. The company is committed to reducing its environmental impacts and operating in an environmentally sustainable way and contributing to the long term development of our local communities that surround our operation. Environmental management plans are in place across our operation. These plans highlight the steps taken to minimise environmental impacts at our mining operations.


Minerva supports the local nature reserve for the preservation of the endangered Bridled Nail-tail Wallaby.

Environmental Policies

The Minerva Mine Environmental Management System provides the framework for setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets, and includes the procedures and methods for the identification of environmental impacts, conducting risk assessments and the implementation of controls.

Compliance with relevant environmental laws, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe is the foundation from which we develop, implement and maintain environmental policies, auditing, staff training, and procedures.


Wherever possible, we prevent, or otherwise minimise and remediate pollution.


We implement a Total Waste Management System to maximise the reduction, reuse, and recycling of our wastes.


We undertake rehabilitation works with the objective of achieving an end landuse suitable for the progressive relinquishment of the mining leases.


We implement energy reduction projects and participate in the Federal Energy Efficiency Opportunities program.


We undertake measures and install infrastructure to avoid or minimise potential adverse impacts on water and to ensure water is used efficiently.


We will provide financial and in-kind resources to local community projects that have the potential to create, independent of our initial support, a positive legacy to future generations.


We are committed to the principle of continual improvement.


This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all Sojitz Minerva employees.